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Pro Bono Work Leads to Helping Soldiers

Tammera R. Diehm
set up a nonprofit corporation that will help soldiers find adaptive clothing after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The pro bono client found the firm, surprisingly enough, through searching for Super Lawyers®. They recognized John Knapp’s name, knew clients of Tom Hart’s and voila...with a referral to Tami, this newly formed organization will have the proper structure to help armed services personnel find appropriate clothing.
Sew Much Comfort began in response to a need on Ward 57 at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital in D.C. Injured soldiers are coming back from the Iraq war requiring extensive medical care to recover from their orthopedic injuries. The only clothing they have to wear over the splints and specialized "fixators" is a hospital gown. These gowns left our brave soldiers with less than adequate clothing to wear as they recovered from their injuries. Sew Much Comfort’s mission is to design, create, and deliver specialized clothes for these insured soldiers.
The Story Behind Their Mission
A few years ago, when presented with a similar dilemma for her son, Ginger Dosedel (Founder and Executive Director of Sew Much Comfort) found a solution. She hand-made pants for her son, a cancer survivor, because he needed special clothing when he had a fixator to lengthen his leg.
Ginger knew how well these modified pants worked for her son and felt strongly that pants modified similarly for the soldiers would work for them. So, she made several pairs of pants and boxer for soldiers and brought them to Walter Reed. One of the soldiers, upon receiving a pair of pants, cried when she realized the pants would cover her fixator, provide her with comfort and protect her dignity. The realization she could wear underwear again left her speechless. These clothes are helping to keep our injured soldiers warm and return to them some level of dignity and normalcy while they recover from their injuries.
Word has spread throughout the United States about these custom-made clothes. Requests for the clothes have come in and have taxed their ability to provide them to soldiers who truly appreciate them. The organization has a small group of women who had donated their time and materials to make the pants, sweatshirts and boxers for our soldiers. More help is needed.
Much of the help is now coming from Minnesota. For more information, check out their Web site, You will find resources there for donations, volunteer opportunities and more!
For More Information
Deb Cochran
Direct: (612) 604-6688
Pro Bono Work Leads to Helping Soldiers
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