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Tom Hanson Quoted on Dayton's Minnesota Budget Plans in Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., lobbyist Tom Hanson is quoted in Bloomberg BuinessWeek in an article that discusses Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s budget. The article, “A fee here, a fee there in Dayton's Minn. budget,” looks at what Gov. Dayton is doing to offset Minnesota’s budget deficit. Dayton’s plan is to increase fees on “consumers and industry professionals,” which includes cutting programs started by former Governor Tim Pawlenty (Bakst).

Tom, former commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget under Pawlenty, said “It's unfortunate that some of our items are being undone but that's what happens when you have an election and the other party wins, […] I didn't see it as a poke in the eye. We did a lot of things over eight years. They're trying to find savings. Why not pick the things that are your predecessor's and not yours?”(qtd. in Bakst).

Article Citation:
Bakst, Brian. "A Fee Here, a Fee There in Dayton's Minn. Budget." BusinessWeek. 17 Feb. 2011. <>.
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Tom Hanson Quoted on Dayton's Minnesota Budget Plans in <em>Bloomberg BusinessWeek</em>
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