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Tom Hanson's Career Featured in Capitol Report

Lobbyist Tom Hanson’s career is profiled in the April 26, 2012, edition of the Capitol Report. The article’s author interviews former colleagues, and follows Hanson’s career where he started as U.S. Rep. Arlan Stangeland’s press secretary, through law school, and then his work for former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Hanson is known for his “personal integrity” and honesty inside and outside the Capitol. To read the full article, click here to download the PDF version.
Article Citation
Featherly, Kevin. "The Influencer: Former MMB head Hanson carves out a new niche as corporate lobbyist." Capitol Report. 26 Apr. 2012.
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Tom Hanson's Career Featured in <em>Capitol Report</em>
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