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Edward J. Drenttel Discusses Banking Issues in Finance and Commerce

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, Banking & Finance attorney Edward J. Drenttel discusses banking issues in a July 23, 2009, article in Finance and Commerce. The article, “Stearns Bank blazing acquisition path,” focuses on the St. Cloud-based institution, who recently acquisitioned some of Horizon Bank’s assets and deposits, indicative of a likely trend (Anderson). Ed opines on the industry market: “There’s some normalcy coming back into the capital market,” Ed said. “People feel like they’re able to evaluate deals and finally make a strategic move. Intuitively, my guess is that we’ll see a pickup now” (qtd. in Anderson).

Article Citation
Anderson, Mark.  "Stearns Bank blazing acquisition path." Finance and Commerce 23 July 2009.  Print.

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Edward J. Drenttel Discusses Banking Issues in <em>Finance and Commerce</em>
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