Because of my career, I have had relationships with five different law firms in Minneapolis, and I always come back to Winthrop & Weinstine[…]I would recommend them for both small cases and large ones. I have used them in both and have never been disappointed.
—Client, Benchmark Litigation

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Scott J. Dongoske Profiled on Managing Mavericks
Firm president Scott J. Dongoske was profiled in “Lessons for Leaders: Managing Mavericks,” in Minnesota Business Magazine’s December 2013 issue. The article discussed the tension that often exists between fostering individuality and supporting a business, and called on Scott’s long history of success navigating such territory. “Good leaders must balance the bureaucratic process of a business with the mavericks,” he said.

"At Winthrop & Weinstine, that has meant defining what its ‘A’ players look like, then constantly reviewing and improving compensation, technology, pricing, and processes to support their success," the article notes. Scott noted that “race horses don’t like to be tethered. So we’ve created guidelines and evaluations to filter, attract, and develop the right people. We want strong personalities who are highly competitive and who communicate very well, but they also need to understand how to act like an owner.”

Palen, John P. "Lessons for Leaders: Managing Mavericks." Minnesota Business Magazine. December 2013
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Scott J. Dongoske Profiled on Managing Mavericks
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