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Wind Energy Development

Bringing Energy to Every Project with Experience & Attention to Detail

The Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., team of wind energy development professionals brings to our clients a combination of energy, attention to client service and development experience that is unsurpassed. We have assisted clients with all aspects of wind energy projects, including development, siting and permitting, financing and acquisition, throughout the Midwest, including the following:
  • Real estate, land use and title insurance
  • Development project due diligence
  • Facility siting and project permitting
  • Legislation, rulemaking and FERC and state regulatory matters
  • General business and contract matters, including Turbine Supply Contracts
  • Intellectual Property matters
  • State and federal tax strategy
  • Project Finance, including debt, equity, tax credits and green tags
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Transmission, substation and interconnect agreements

We also help our clients use Production Tax Credits (PTC) to finance wind, open-loop biomass, hydro and refined coal projects. The constant evolution of technology allows our clients in these industries to push into new frontiers and find new applications.

The constant evolution of technology allows our clients in these industries to push into new frontiers and find new applications. Likewise, the evolution of equity and debt financing in these industries allows us as practitioners to demonstrate our full creativity in financing. We regularly draw from strategies developed over a number of years working with the Nonconventional Source Fuel Credit.
Our attorneys have also participated in traditional energy projects as well as non-PTC alternative energy projects, including ethanol and biodiesel plants and landfill gas projects. We draw from considerable expertise in the other issues our clients experience, such as energy law and regulatory and real estate issues. Our team includes an attorney recently named to the Best Lawyer in America® for energy law.

Client service and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our practice, and our focus is on adding value to our client's projects, whether as a project developer, purchaser, financer or other project participant. Our understanding of the development and life of a wind project and our experience in the renewable energy industry make us well-suited to achieve the goals and needs of our clients, and the energy our team brings to each project helps us contribute to our clients' successes.





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