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Brett D. Siglin

My Approach

I am a consensus builder . . . not an obstacle maker.  When engaged in complex transactions with strict deadlines and multiple moving parts, it’s important that everyone involved work together toward the ultimate goal.  In addition to being detail-oriented, it is critical to be able to quickly resolve issues without getting lost in the minutia.

Outside of work, I do a lot of travelling.  I also like to bike to work and love swimming, hiking, cross-country skiing, running and outdoor activities in general.

A Groundbreaking Moment in My Career

Since I’ve been at Winthrop, I’ve been most fortunate to be involved in several of the first affordable assisted living developments utilizing tax-exempt bond financing, private equity, tax credits and various other sources. I have become intimately involved in advising clients to resolve issues involved in the business and operations of these assisted living developments across the county. The reality is that thousands of people will continue to retire each day for many years to come, but folks are generally living longer nowadays and tend to developer higher acute needs as they age. More and more Americans will have insufficient savings to continue to pay for the ever-increasing costs of the type of supportive services required in order to live their golden years in a dignified way. By teaming together with both private and public stakeholders to find solutions for structuring more affordable assisted living deals, we can address this pending epidemic facing our great nation. It has been a great privilege to provide novel guidance and counsel to those structuring and developing these unique transactions. I look forward to continuing this effort.

Practice Areas

Associations & Memberships

ABA Affordable Housing Forum

National Leased Housing Association