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Draeke H. Weseman

The best advice begins with listening.

My Approach

I create consistent, successful outcomes for brands by reliably applying hard-earned knowledge of trademark law, enhanced by years of experience, to complex trademark problems and then communicating valuable advice to clients simply and directly, in unadorned plain language.

Thoughtful questions drive my approach, because the best advice begins with listening. I often ask “why?” and “what if?” on the way to answering “how?” or “can we?” My goal in my relationship with every client is to keenly observe their business to gain insights, and manage, and direct their trademark portfolios to capture surprising opportunities that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.  Reading and writing about developments in trademark law, as part of DuetsBlog, the firm’s award-winning nationally-recognized intellectual property law blog, is important to me because I believe delivering exceptional value, intelligently pushing boundaries, and staying ahead of the crowd requires understanding the nuances of trademark law.  For this reason, I am also often a speaker on trademark law and practice for national audiences and have been quoted in local and national news coverage of trademark issues.

Outside the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife, son, and two dogs named George and Juna.  I love to learn new things and try to cultivate encyclopedic knowledge about my favorite things, which include all things trademarks, brands, and design, of course, but also NBA basketball, local craft beer, wine, art, and health and fitness, to name a few.  In my past, I have been a national champion coxswain and an Ironman finisher.

A Groundbreaking Moment in My Career

Early in my career, a client was concerned about a trademark it needed but didn’t have. They wanted to know if the trademark even mattered. I told them, “it matters if it matters” That might sound unnecessarily opaque, or even like circular reasoning, but the message was and is simply to look beyond the trademark - that is, a trademark, by itself, doesn’t matter. Instead, it’s the business behind the trademark that either matters or doesn’t, and if it does, then trademarks for that business really matter.

That reality frames all of the advice I give and the work product I recommend and generate. I am not interested in acquiring vanity trademarks or engaging in overreaching trademark enforcement, but rather in helping clients that have developed valuable products and services to develop and maintain equally appropriate trademark rights and fully exploit and enforce the complete value of that intellectual property.

P.S. Five years later, I helped that client acquire the trademark in question, through a trademark acquisition, because, well, it mattered.

Honors & Awards

Rising Stars

Minnesota Super Lawyers®, 2018

Associations & Memberships

International Trademark Association

American Bar Association

Hennepin County Bar Association

Minnesota State Bar Association

International Association of Privacy Professionals