The Minnesota Senate released information on committees for the 2021-2022 legislative session, which begins on January 5, 2021, at noon. Included in the information is the list of committees that will be formed, the standing committee meeting days and times, and the chair of each committee. Further information, including the size and specific members who will serve on each committee, will come at a later date, closer to the start of the legislative session.

Most of the major committees are unchanged from last session. However, as expected, both Senator Tom Bakk and Senator David Tomassoni, who recently announced they were leaving the DFL Caucus to form a new caucus (but meet with the Republican Caucus), were given gavels to key committees. Sen. Tom Bakk will chair the Capital Investment committee, and Sen. David Tomassoni will chair the Higher Education committee. Senator David Senjem, who previously chaired the Capital Investment committee, will now chair the Energy Finance & Policy committee.

Another noteworthy change is Senator Carla Nelson taking over as chair of the Tax committee. She and former tax chair, Senator Roger Chamberlain, are switching committees, with Sen. Chamberlain taking over as the chair of the Education Finance & Policy committee.

The House is expected to release committee information next week. A full list of the information released today follows.

CommitteeTime / Room / Days Chair
Finance8:30-10am 1200 T/W/ThRosen
State Government Fin/Pol & Elections10:30-Noon 1100 T/WKiffmeyer
Vets/Military Affairs Finance & Policy8:30-10am G-23 ThLang
Human Services Reform Finance & Policy1-2:30pm 1200 T/ThAbeler
Health & Human Services Finance & Policy1-2:30pm 1200 M/WBenson
Education Finance & Policy3-4:30pm 1100 M/WChamberlain
Energy Finance & Policy3-4:30pm 1150 T/ThSenjem
Agriculture Finance & Policy3-4:30pm 1150 M/WWestrom
Housing Finance & Policy1-2:30pm Cap123 T/ThDraheim
Commerce Finance & Policy1-2:30pm Cap123 MDahms
Higher Education Finance & Policy1-2:30pm G-3 T/ThTomassoni
Judiciary/Pub. Safety Fin & Criminal Law1-2:30pm G-15 M/WLimmer
Jobs Finance & Policy3-4:30pm G-23 M/WPratt
Environment & Natural Resources Finance10:30am-Noon 1150 T/WIngebrigtsen
Enviro & NatRes Policy & Legacy Finance1-2:30pm G-3 M/WRuud
Transportation Finance & Policy3-4:30pm 1100 T/WNewman
Policy Committees
Local Government3-4:30pm G-23 TJasinski
> Subcommittee: Metropolitan Governance1-2:30pm Cap123 ThOsmek
Technology & Reform8:30-10am G-3 ThKoran
Human Services Licensing8:30-10am G-3 TUtke
Aging & Long Term Care8:30-10am G-3 WHousley
Civil Law & Data Practices1-2:30pm G-15 T/ThMathews
Labor & Industry Policy8:30-10am Cap123 WRarick
Mining & Forestry Policy8:30-10am Cap123 TEichorn
Other Standing Committees
Taxes8:30-10am G-15 T/ThNelson
> Subcommittee: Property Taxes8:30-10am G-15 WWeber
Capital InvestmentAs neededBakk
RedistrictingAs neededM. Johnson
RulesAs neededGazelka

November 24, 2020