Intellectual property and technology attorney Bradley J. Walz says money is the issue for both sides in a debate over newly proposed IP laws that would hold website owners accountable for complying with copyright requirements.

The proposed bills (the Protect IP Act in the U.S. Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House) would give more rights to copyright holders in order to protect their IP from foreign websites and to punish those infringers, and would place the burden on website owners to effectively police websites for copyrighted materials (Thornton). Both sides of the bill have concerns, mainly surrounding money.

“YouTube is saying that this bill is censorship and that you can’t filter the Internet. I see their point, but at the end of the day for them it’s a business issue and it’s dollars and cents. They are worried about having to comply with these new onerous requirement s in the bill for policing,” Brad said. “And for the entertainment industry any pirated material is lost revenue” (Thornton).

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Article citation:
Thornton, Patrick. “Big debate over changes in IP law.” Minnesota Lawyer. 9 Dec. 2011.