Intellectual Property attorney Draeke Weseman is a regular contributor to Winthrop & Weinstine’s DuetsBlog, a blog with the goal of bridging the gap between legal and marketing teams. Draeke’s blog post of January 30, 2019, “Crip-a-Cola: From Gang to Brand?,” has been receiving a lot of attention from other trademark thought leaders.

“Crip-a-Cola: From Gang to Brand?” was one of the Top 5 most highly read articles published on JD Supra in January 2019. JD Supra is a daily source of need-to-know intelligence on professional matters. They publish and distribute the valuable content produced daily by leading business experts on a myriad topics of across all industries and fields, including trademark matters.

Draeke’s blog post also received a special shout out from Ron Coleman, a commercial litigator with a special interest in copyright and trademark law who writes his own legal blog, Likelihood of Confusion™.

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