Health Law attorney Gerry Fornwald has been invited to speak at HCCA’s 22nd Annual Compliance Institute in Las Vegas, NV on April 15-18, 2018. Gerry’s session, “Out of the Shadows: Behavioral Health Compliance and Legal Issues for Every Provider,” will address several important topics:

  • With the opioid crisis reaching unprecedented levels, integrated treatment is more important that ever. But what treatment records can providers exchange, and under what circumstances?
  • Revisions to 42 CFR part 2 expand the scope of who is accountable for protecting treatment information. Are you in compliance?
  • You have come into possession of addiction related treatment records. What do you need to know that you didn’t learn under HIPAA?

The HCCA Compliance Institute is the single most comprehensive healthcare compliance conference. The program is designed for compliance professionals from a variety of healthcare backgrounds, including compliance officers, billing and coding professionals, auditors, nurses, risk managers, ethics officers, privacy officers, health information professionals. Healthcare Reform, Hospital Physician Alignment, Compliance Effectiveness, and HIPAA Privacy/Data Breach are all adding complexity to the challenges facing compliance professionals. The 2018 HCCA Compliance Institute can help you bring order to this seeming chaos.

Las Vegas, NV

April 15-18, 2018

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