Back by popular demand, the focus of this year’s seminar is on mastering the federal trademark registration process. Learn the benefits of federal registration, discover how to overcome a wide variety of grounds for refusal, learn strategies and valuable tips for handling ex parte appeals and requests for reconsideration, understand how TTAB proceedings can help your registration efforts, especially in light of the Supreme Court’s recent B&B Hardware decision, and receive valuable insights from former Trademark Office Examining Attorneys. Plus, as an added bonus, learn how to develop a reputation for thought leadership using various social media tools from Aaron Keller, Shayla Stern, Seth Leventhal, Ronald D. Coleman and Stephen R. Baird.

You don’t have to travel for quality trademark law education, we bring the experts to you!

Highlights Include:

  • Practical tips and sample forms to incorporate directly into your practice
  • Interactive panel on taking a strategic approach to requests for reconsideration and ex parte appeals
  • A nationally-recognized faculty of talented and experienced trademark lawyers
  • Special Luncheon Presentation on How to Develop a Reputation for Thought Leadership Using Social Media with Aaron Keller – Capsule, Shayla Stern – Fast Horse, Seth Leventhal – Minnesota Litigator Blog, and Ronald D. Coleman – Likelihood of Confusion Blog

Attorney Steve Baird will speak on, “Making the Case for Federal Trademark Registration.” Trademarks are often the most significant and valuable assets held by a business and every business has at least one. Learn the importance of pursuing federal trademark registration and understand the many statutory benefits afforded federal trademark registrants. Understand when it makes sense to seek federal registration and when it doesn’t.

Attorney Michael Olsen will ask, “Is It a Mark or Not? Strategies for Overcoming Refusals Based on Genericness, Ornamentation, and Functionality.” Has the Trademark Office taken the position that what your client is attempting to register isn’t a mark at all? Learn how these kinds of substantive refusal manifest themselves and gain valuable and practical tips for overcoming them. Sample office action responses will be provided.

Attorney Brad Walz will moderate a panel, “Mastering Requests for Reconsideration and Ex Parte Appeals: Seasoned Practitioners and Former Trademark Office Examining Attorneys Discuss Strategies.” The panel will bring a diverse wealth of experience, allowing attendees to gain valuable tips and practical strategies from seasoned professionals to refine your trademark prosecution practice.  An interactive format will provide you the opportunity to have all your requests for reconsideration and appeal questions answered.

Attorney Draeke Weseman will address, “Mastering Section 2(e) of the Lanham Act: Strategies for Overcoming Descriptive, Geographic, Laudatory, and Surname Refusals.” Section 2(e) of the Lanham Act provides a number of possible roadblocks to registration of your client’s trademark. Learn from an up and coming trademark practitioner what the Examining Attorney’s burden is for maintaining these types of refusals under Section 2(e) and gain valuable strategies for overcoming them. Sample office action responses will be provided.

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Minnesota CLE Conference Center
600 Nicollet Mall # 370
3rd Floor, City Center
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Central Time) Register Now