Alicia Griffin Mills joined a panel discussion for a webinar hosted by Lorman Education Services. The panel, “Non-Practicing Entity (NPE) Litigation: Update on Defense Strategies and Tools,” was presented January 22, 2014.


Lawsuits brought by NPEs (pejoratively called trolls) are becoming common in many industries. Because of the one-sided nature of NPE litigation, and the imbalance of power between the parties to such litigation, NPE lawsuits present special challenges and a cost-benefit analysis that differs from more traditional litigation. The rapid growth in NPE lawsuits is driving the development of new defense strategies, laws, and regulations. This on-demand webinar will cover the latest strategies and tools for handling NPE litigation, both in court and in the patent office. This program also will provide an update on legislative approaches to changing the rules of the game.

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January 22, 2014