Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.’s attorneys Erin Mathern and Jeff Koerselman contributed to a Finance & Commerce article posted online July 13, 2017. The article, “Preserving Minnesota’s naturally-occurring affordable housing stock,” discussed the high demand for naturally-occurring affordable housing (NOAH), or affordable housing that is not subsidized by the government, in the Twin Cities area.

Erin Mathern noted that, “Estimates are that about 75 percent of all affordable housing is naturally occurring…So although most people don’t realize the majority of affordable housing units in the country are NOAH units, there are about 170,000 units of NOAH in the metro area of the Twin Cities, and a high demand for even more.”

The article comments on Winthrop & Weinstine’s involvement with many of the real estate transactions connected to developing affordable housing across the country. “We provide guidance for developers and financiers,” said Jeff Koerselman. “We know what’s out there, which organizations are easy to work with, and who works well with financing partners. We take a comprehensive approach to connecting our clients with the right partners and resources for their projects.”

Read the full article on the Finance & Commerce website.