Trademark & Brand Management attorney Steve Baird will be a panelist on Strafford Publications’ live 90-minute CLE webinar, “Trademark Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings at the TTAB“. This CLE webinar will provide trademark counsel with guidance to navigate opposition proceedings at the TTAB, whether opposing the application or responding to the opposition. The panel will examine issues related to and offer strategies for filing the opposition, discovery and the trial phase.

Inter partes proceedings before the TTAB are a valuable part of a brand owner’s overall trademark enforcement and protection strategy. The TTAB’s jurisdiction is limited to determining the right to register, as opposed to the right to use. Due to the TTAB’s lack of authority to determine infringement or issue injunctive relief or monetary awards, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings can result in a less aggressive and more cost-effective venue for resolving existing and avoiding future trademark concerns between the parties. Counsel for the opposer or petitioner and for the applicant or registrant must be able to navigate the opposition or cancellation proceeding to succeed, whether or not the case concludes with a final trial on the merits or a negotiated coexistence agreement. Counsel must understand the differences between TTAB proceedings and civil litigation in the federal courts and the TTAB process and evidentiary requirements. Counsel must be prepared to handle these specialized proceedings. Listen as our authoritative panel of trademark attorneys examines the grounds for filing an opposition or cancellation action, timing and the scope of the proceedings. The panel will also discuss challenges related to discovery and the trial phase of an opposition or cancellation action, as well as the differences between these phases in a TTAB proceeding and in civil litigation. The panel will offer strategies for opposing a trademark application, responding to an opposition, petitioning to cancel a registration, and responding to a cancellation action.


  1. Filing an opposition or cancellation action
    • Grounds
    • Timing
    • Scope of proceedings
  2. Discovery
    • When opposing an application or petitioning to cancel a registration
    • When responding to an opposition or a cancellation proceeding
  3. Trial phase
    • When opposing an application or petitioning to cancel a registration
    • When responding to an opposition or a cancellation proceeding

The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • What are the grounds for opposing a trademark application or cancelling a trademark registration?
  • How should counsel for the party respond to the opposition or cancellation action during discovery?
  • What are strategies for the party opposing the application or petitioning to cancel the registration during the trial phase?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT Register Now