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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be expensive and time consuming, and results are public, but there are alternative methods for resolving disputes which may be less costly, faster, and private. Our team of trained Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) attorneys represents clients in arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation and other methods of dispute resolution. In addition to representing clients in ADR processes, many of our ADR attorneys have completed the required training to be included on the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Roster of Qualified Neutrals and also serve as ADR neutrals, such as arbitrators, mediators, and fact-finders/evaluators.

Our Approach

ADR can be based on contractual provisions or included as part of a litigation process. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution, whether engaging in a mediation or arbitration to resolve a business dispute, or pro-actively including ADR provisions in contracts.

As trained and experienced ADR neutrals and advocates, our ADR attorneys give clients the advantage of a deep and complete understanding of the process from all perspectives. Our professionals understand the strategies and viewpoints used by both neutrals and advocates, giving our clients a multi-dimensional strategic advantage.


  • Mediations
  • Arbitrations
  • Summary jury trials
  • Early neutral evaluation
  • Med-Arb
  • Neutral fact finding